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Seemingly as expansive in nature as the personalities that make them, signatures have become the ultimate in representing one's self and one's clan in the arena universe. With varying styles and contrasting theories in what makes a quality signature, clans will be allowed to submit up to 3 signatures, but are not required to do so. Clans may choose to submit the signatures with the random symbol that will be chosen at the start of this section, or may refrain from placing any symbol at all.

Clans may have the same member complete all the signatures, or break it up over several different gfx'ers, as long as at the time of submission, we have received up to 3 signatures from each clan. Clans are free to choose whatever style they wish to, as long as it remains no more than 400 x 200 pixels in size. The votes will then be totaled, and clans will receive placement depending on how many points they have received overall for their 3 submissions.

1st Place - 10 points
2nd Place - 5 points


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