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-Team Effort-

Team Warfare is the ultimate finish to the in game battles. Line up 7 of your best players, and charge the mountain to claim in game supremacy! Clans will be pit against each other in a large scale battle, 7 of their best warriors clashing with another 7 skilled combatants. The climb is steep, the battles are going to be long fought, but the payoff is immense, as this is the largest single point payoff available in the tournament.

The members who participate in this battle will fight traditional clan tournament style, 2/3 battles against representatives from other clans. Winners will be judged on the first to reach 4 wins, the clan with more wins at the end of the allotted time, or the clan deemed to be more active in participation. The winning team will advance and the losing team will go the hell home. Finals will be 3/5, and teams will battle it out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Team restrictions will be applied at the start of the tournament, along with the match ups and time allotted for each round.

**NOTICE** Any players entering the Dynamic Duo or Lone Wolf section of the tournament will be allowed to enter the Team Effort portion of this tournament. **NOTICE**

1st Place - 30 points
2nd Place - 15 points
3rd Place - 5 points


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