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Often the most effective way of introducing your clan, symbol, theme and artistic abilities to the rest of the Naruto-Arena population. A seemingly simple piece of art, a banner's main objective is to catch the eye, and encourage any bystander to read further into the clan, whether for simple recognition or in an attempt to gain more members. Ranging in shape, style and size, banners are an integral part of any proper clan page and will, more often than not play a part in the failure or success of any new clan.

Clans will be allowed to submit one Banner for judgment using the name/symbol given at the beginning of this section. Each clan will do their best to convey their own personal style while incorporating the name and/or symbol that has been given to them. Clans are free to use any style of their choice, but may not exceed a 550 x 400 pixel size limit.

1st Place - 15 points
2nd Place - 5 points


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