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Post  Admin on Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:15 pm

-GFX'ers Choice-

Gfx'ers choice is a fairly simple setup in which gfx'ers will be free to express themselves in any way. Whether it be in game background, sig, tag, xat background, wallpaper, animation etc. etc., this is the chance for a no holds barred free for all of artistic expression. While the more traditional forms of work are all well and good, true art cannot be confined to basic forms and this is your chance truly shine.

Clans may submit their top 3 pieces of artwork, and will not be asked to include anything other than their very best efforts. There are no size restrictions in this battle, but it is asked that any animations are kept to 80 frames or below. The votes will then be totaled, and clans will receive placement depending on how many points they have received overall for their 3 submissions.

1st Place - 10 points


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