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One of the least appreciated forms of art, the writings in a clan can convey a multitude of things about them. Whether it's where they come from, where they are going or what they are all about, the text in clan thread can inspire confidence as quickly as it can destroy all faith. Not simply about explaining requirements or describing what a single member is like, a bit of text can be crafted into a beautiful piece of artwork when shaped by the right hands.

Clans will be allowed to submit one piece of writing that will be based around a topic that is given at the beginning of this section. Clans will be free to write in any language they wish, but will be asked to convert it to English once completed. If they need help cleaning up the writings, myself or a staff member will be happy to offer a hand doing so. Writings will need to be a minimum of 250 words, but limited to no more than 1000.

1st Place - 10 points


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