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Post  Admin on Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:39 pm

Welcome to the King of the Mountain tournament, a "be all, end all" style tournament to finally settle who the best clans in Naruto-Arena truly are. Like the creme de la creme, the best of the best and other titles, King of the Mountain is a term often used to describe those a the top of their game. The quintessential..masters of their domain. Those without equal, at the peak of perfection. This tournament is designed to find out just who those clans are, and who fall victim to overconfidence, lack of ability or just plain aren't up to par yet. While luck is always going to be a factor, this tournament is designed to rid the final results of excuses as best as possible, and offer a clear picture as to who the top overall clans are.

As I'm certain most of you (at least those invited to the tournament) know that there are traditionally more than one single factor to judging a clan. While tournaments of the past have ultimately focused around in game skill alone, this is only a portion of the overall package. King of the Mountain, or K.T.M. was designed to fix this. It takes into account both the strength and style, leveling the playing fields, and helping to decided which clans are really a tried and true standard of greatness, and which up and comers are starting to make their mark in the grand scheme of things. While being unable to take into account certain qualities like loyalty of members, activeness and longevity, we will still do our best to try and declare a winner in the areas that are open for judging in order to determine the best clan currently existing in the naruto-arena universe.

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The tournament itself has been broken down into 9 individual segments, with each having been given a designated point value. The total points possible for any clan is 200, and in order to achieve this, you must sweep all 9 categories. The tournament has been set up to ensure that such a task should prove to be improbable, though not impossible.

The 9 categories you will be competing in are:

~Lone Wolf - a total of 25 points
~Dynamic Duos - a total of 25 points
~Team Warfare - a total of 50 points

~Avatars- a total of 5 points
~Signatures- a total of 15 points
~Banners- a total of 20 points
~Gfx'ers Choice - a total of 10 points
~AMV - a total of 40 points
~Writeup - a total of 10 points

Below, each individual category will be explained more thoroughly, and my staff and I are available for any questions you may have. The basic concept is that, the more events you take, the more points you gain. The clan with the most overall points once everything is said and done will be declared the victor.

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This Tournament will take place with 8 clans or 16, depending on the response to this. Clans will be allowed to apply, though they will need to post an application form that you will find below. The longer your clan has existed, the better your chance of getting in.

Basic Setup Atkoz5
Clan Name:
Clan Leader:
Length of Time Having Been a Clan (if you are a rebirth, time since you were last started again):
Active Member Count:
Your Clan's strengths:
Your Clan's Weaknesses:
Reason that you wish to join this tournament (please use more than a few words to explain):

Notification of denial or approval will be posted on this thread, so please keep an eye out as I do not wish to repeat myself several times, or have to track you down.

If you are Accepted to the tournament, congratulations. Those who have received an invite, and those whose applications have approved will need to fill out the forms presented in the sections below 4 or more days before the particular event is to begin.

Basic Setup 14w7res

Basic Setup R0taps

Q: Do we need to participate in every event?
A: No, while you are more than welcome to participate in every single event, we're aware that some clans have limitations in certain areas and therefore, are not required to participate in each event that is run.

Q: I don't think the point scale is fair, is there anything that can be done about it?
A: While I understand that, the point system was designed to award points based on amount of effort required. If each clan had it's say, they would all pick what they were best at as the highest point categories. If the overwhelming majority of clans participating feel strongly about it though, I will make minor adjustments to keep things fair.

Q: What if my clan and another clan can't seem to get along and it effects matches?
A: If you have a real problem with another clan, you are free to send me a PM ahead of time and let me know the reasoning. I will then do my best to try and keep things flowing smoothly between the two clans so that less social interaction is required between you two. If both the clans cannot seem to overcome the differences for the sake of a simple game, I may be forced to disqualify the aggressors and let those who can keep their temper remain. If such things continue still, clans may be dismissed from the tournament all together.


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