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Post  Admin on Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:26 am

I am placing these rules here in order to ensure that this tournament runs as smoothly and drama-free as possible. If your clan fails to follow the rules, they may be penalized points or even dismissed from the tournament all together. Moderators will be free to give warnings as they see fit, but I (Chem5) will decide any final actions taken against individuals or clans unable to control themselves. Thank you.

1. No complaining. If you have a problem with the way the tournament is setup, a rule that you feel is unfair or a problem with another clan/player, contact me or place your complaint in the appropriate section. I don't mind some disappointment posts or even a few rants about chakra here and there (we all have a bad day sometimes) but I will not tolerate relentless pissing and moaning. This is not your journal, this is not your blog so please refrain from expressing frustration day in and out on here.

2. No flaming. This kind of goes hand in hand with "No complaining", but I just want to be clear that I will quickly deduct points or dismiss you and your clan all together if I feel that you can just not refrain from attacking other members. If you have a well made point or a debate over contests/results, this is fine. If it turns into endless name calling though, I or a moderator will be forced to step in and settle it in our own special way.

3. Make your own destiny. This may seem like an odd rule, but the point of it is a valid one. The mod staff and I are not here to remind you and your clan of what it needs to do daily. We are here to make sure things run smoothly, keep order and solve problems. This does not mean that we will make sure you have everything done when it is to be done. If you fail to meet a deadline, that is your fault and nobody else. We will do our best to make time allotments readily available, from posts to the calendar, but if you choose not to bother viewing them, it is simply too bad for yo.

4. No gloating. Simply what it says. Be a gracious winner..if you can't find it in yourself to do so, be silent and celebrate elsewhere on your own time. If I see any clan relentless rubbing a win in another clan's face, I will take those points away just as quickly as I awarded them.

5. Do not say "I didn't know". If you don't know something, ask. If the person you ask can't answer it, ask me and I will tell you. Not knowing will not be an excuse for why things seemed to go so wrong so fast for you.

6. Follow all other rules. This includes Team/Style restrictions, xat language restrictions, etc. etc. etc. Failing to do guessed it..may result in point deductions or removal.

If you run into anyone violating these rules, do not back seat mod. Tell a member of the staff or myself and we will take care of it. Thank you and have a great tournament!


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