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Run Date: Sunday, July 19th - Saturday, July 25th

The Rundown 14w7res

**Notice - This is only for clans accepted and participating in the King Of The Mountain Tournament**

The first GFX'ing contest in the KTM tournament, the Avatar potion is going to be a way to ease clans into the feel of things while still offering much needed points.

The most basic form of representing a clan, avatars can be a small canvass to convey unique styles or a large disaster for some inexperienced gfx'ers. The Avatar portion of this competition will give clans a chance to complete and submit 3 avatars with a specific symbol given beforehand.

Clans may have the same member complete all the avatars, or break it up over several different gfx'ers, as long as at the time of submission, we have received 3 avatars from each clan. Clans are free to choose whatever style they wish to, as long as it remains 75x75 pixels in size and follows the decided theme or includes the chosen symbol/text. The votes will then be totaled, and clans will receive placement depending on how many points they have received overall for their 3 submissions.

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Questions And Answers

How will it work?

Much like the SOTW contest, this will be the thread to display rules, stipulations, restrictions, themes and/or symbols that will be required for use in the contest at hand. Participants will be asked to create the gfx with these rules in mind, and submit them to the KTM account via pm when completed.

How do we submit them?

As stated, you will submit them through PM to the KTM account, with your clan name and the type of gfx you are submitting in the title. For example...if I were submitting signatures, I would send my completed sigs in a pm to the ktm account with the title reading "MOSTRI - Signatures"

Do we use our clan symbols? (submitted by Ninjaboy002)

No. You will use only the symbol/text/theme that is given to you. We are trying to cut down on favoritism by making it so that people vote only for the best piece, not their favorite clan.

How will Judging work?

Judging will begin the day after the completion of the event, when a new separate post will be made to display all the entries. Voting will take place with only written votes being counted. This will be done to cut down on the chances of alternate accounts being used to cast multiple votes. If it is discovered that anyone (whose clan is participating) is using more than 1 account to cast a vote, their clan will be penalized 25 points and be disqualified from this portion of the tournament.

Can we use premade material?

No. You are asked to create new material for this contest, not recycle old things. You are more than welcome to save anything you make without the symbol/theme you are given and use it for yourself or your clan later, but we ask that you come up with something fresh and new for judging.

Who may create gfx for our clan?

Any current members of the clan are eligible to submit gfx for this contest

How will the winners be decided exactly?

All entries will be posted at the end of completion. The N-B community will then be given a chance to vote on which entry they feel is the best. At the end of the competition, the total votes for a clan's submissions will be totaled and from these final numbers, the ranking order will be determined.

The Rundown 14w7res

Standard Avatar rules apply. Must be usable on N-A meaning 75 x 75 in size and saved in a functional format (meaning .jpg or .gif).

There is no theme for this contest

While not using specific symbols, you will be asked to include the text "KTM" on the avatar. The font and placement are up to you, as long as you include "KTM" somewhere on the work.

The Rundown 14w7res

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1st Place - 5 points


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