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Begins on July 25th - Ends August 1st

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Basic Rundown

Dynamic Duos is a tag team style tournament that will best incorporate teamwork between partners. A 2 man cell can often be more effective than a 100 member battalion, and this is the chance for your clan's warriors to steal away much needed points while still getting the job done quickly and quietly.

The members who participate in this battle will fight traditional tag team tournament style, 2/3 battles against representatives from other clans. If the two sides win one a piece, they are then made to play a final match between the two winners. The winner's team advances to the next round, and the loser's team goes home. Semi Finals and finals will be 3/5. Team restrictions will be applied at the start of the tournament, along with the match ups and time allotted for each round.

If one of the members of a team fails to show up for battles in the allotted time, they may be subbed with an alt. If the player and the alt cannot fight, it will count as one loss for the team, and his partner must win his/her battle against both competitors to advance his/her clan. If both members from both clans fail to show, it's counted as a double disqualification and they are declared the losers.

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1. Do not, at any time, talk about another’s team. Do not even imply their team type. Doing so will result in one warning, followed by disqualification from this event. If you continue at it, your clan will have points deducted and you will not be allowed to participate in any future events.
2. Flaming, fighting, and spamming are forbidden at all times.
3. Do not sit around after your loss complaining about chakra or your luck. A simple mention is in a bit of bad taste, but is allowable. To sit and nag about it will result in actions being taken.
4. Do not duck your opponents. If I see your opponent attempting to contact you to fight repeatedly, and you make no honest effort to find time to fight them, I will give you an auto-loss.

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~::Team Restrictions::~
If you are found using these teams, you will get one warning. If you use them again, you will be disqualified from the contest and your opponent will be given the win.
1. You may not use full drainer/stealer teams. This means any combination of drainer/stunners in one team as well.
2. You may not use full stunner teams. This includes teams combining AOE stunners, counter stunners and single stunners. Ex. Sakura/haku/ino.
3. You may not use full counter teams. This excludes all teams with destructible damage. Destructible damage does not equal a counter.
4. There are certain teams and combination of characters that have been abused to death, and at this level of competition I ask that you do not use them. These teams are...



kakashi/naruto s(iruka)/css(Gaara)

4 tails/kiba (tenten)/kankuro(haku)

test thread 14w7res

~::Tournament Setup and Stipulations::~
1. All rounds will be best 2/3 until finals, Semi Finals and Finals are 3/5.
2. This will be Last Man Standing in the setup. That means if Player A from Team 1 wins, and Player B from team 2 wins, player A and player B will face each other to decide which clan moves on.
3. Glitches that occur in the first round (meaning the first turn of the match)will result in one restart. Any glitches that occur after that will be considered a loss unless the winner says otherwise. Both participants must use the same teams that they began that match with.
4. You may not use the same team twice in any 1 set of matches against any single opponent. If you must face off twice in a round, you may use the same teams against the second opponent that you did against the first.
5. If you cannot find your opponent, please let me know a couple days before the round is over. Please do not wait until after the round has finished to come to me and let me know that you were unable to match up with your opponent.
6. If you are subbing in your alt, post it on the site or in the thread so I am aware, and pm your opponent the change.

test thread 14w7res

Note: Matchups were a bit more difficult to craft this time. I leave it up to opponents in each round to decide who faces each other as it was difficult in most cases to understand which time zone belonged to which participant. If there are major problems that cannot be overcome, you may contact the KTM account and I will do my best to solve these problems.

Vlad & SupremCommander (LIMA) vs romarck & alejandrouzumaki (EA)

Chaos- & Sasukejo (GC) vs Redmanspike & Jonatangh (Mos)

Rocklee-sama & XweaponX (RK) vs Rocklee311 & Uberscout (-E-)

ciumkajacy & Zaop (FG) vs Entry From Tsuru

Nooblsice & yogi-o6 (SM) vs Leandrok & Sharingan_skill (NS)

Ninetailsboy & Mrssandes (SK) vs Timmage & Milkrules (HSC)

nejihuga12 & namikazesheir (AoP) vs Zabuzanr1 & Ferdynand (SyS)

SasukeLover27 & LightningPure (TGL) vs AsumaShika & CeguinTxT (GR)

test thread 14w7res

test thread Dr5w7q
1st Place - 15 points
2nd Place - 10 points


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