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-Dynamic Duos-

Dynamic Duos is a tag team style tournament that will best incorporate teamwork between partners. A 2 man cell can often be more effective than a 100 member battalion, and this is the chance for your clan's warriors to steal away much needed points while still getting the job done quickly and quietly.

The members who participate in this battle will fight traditional tag team tournament style, 2/3 battles against representatives from other clans. If the two sides win one a piece, they are then made to play a final match between the two winners. The winner's team advances to the next round, and the loser's team goes home. Semi Finals and finals will be 3/5. Team restrictions will be applied at the start of the tournament, along with the match ups and time allotted for each round.

If one of the members of a team fails to show up for battles in the allotted time, it will count as one loss for the team, and his partner must win the next 2 sets of battles. If both members fail to show, it's counted as a double disqualification and they are declared the losers.


Any players entering the Dynamic Duo section of the tournament will not be allowed to enter/cannot have entered the Lone Wolf portion of this tournament. Alternates who are listed, but are not used are still free to participate in the Lone Wolf round.

Sub. Rules - Because I have been asked about this several times, I will post it here. In this round, you will be allowed one Sub to be listed in your participation lineup. At the start of each round, you will be allowed to select 2 of the 3 participants you have listed to compete in the round. For example...

If you have:
A & B listed as your primary participants with C as your Sub, you may make any team of those 3 (A - B, B- C, A-C) at the start of each round. Once a round begins, you will not be allowed to switch out a player though, so please choose the most active or best pairing 2 participants at the start of each round.


1st Place - 15 points
2nd Place - 10 points


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