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A newer form of clan expression, AMVs have become an elaborate method of creating art by combining both music and clips of popular anime/manga/created gfx together to create a seamless intro for clans. Capable of incredible depth and beauty, an AMV can represent themes and members in ways that are far easier to sit through than a clan history or bios.

Clans may submit up to 2 AMVs no longer than 6 minutes in length. These AMVs may consist of any subject matter, as long as it is not pornographic in nature. They may use any methods they wish in creating the final product, and will be responsible for the hosting of the amv. Any music is allowed, as is any anime that the creator is capable of gaining access to. Clan AMV should be based on clan theme and should contain at least name of the clan in it.
AMVs can be uploaded on but you may upload it on or so that judges/people will be able to watch and judge the video in its best quality.

Tourney will not accept:
AMV over 6min long, or less than 1.5minutes (90seconds).
AMV that will contain sexually defiant will be disqualified from the tourney and clan will get 0 points.

The votes will then be totaled, and clans will receive placement depending on how many points they have received overall for their 2 submissions.

1st Place - 25 points
2nd Place - 10 points
3rd Place - 5 points


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